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These pages are tailored to the needs of the university: Mendelova univerzita v Brně (MENDELU).

What is it all about?

MENDELU.MATROS.CZ is a student project whose objective is to help those studying at MENDELU. Every one of us who wants to successfully graduate from a university needs to prepare for assignments, exams, participate in practical and from time to time in theoretical lectures :)
These pages will offer you access to documents to study, ratings of teachers (references) and will allow you to be part of a community of students with every advantage that brings. Other features are forum, second hand area of sale of textbooks and many others.
All above is based on the principle of allowing easy sharing of studying experience between classmates, friends and colleagues.

This website is dedicated exclusively to students, we keep strict rules and have in place control measures to prevent access of teachers.

We keep focus on continous improvement - always taking into account the ideas and wishes of our users.

Many found documents, pieces of knowledge and a lot of fun by